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At the Law Offices of Michael B. Taylor, you will find an attorney who will listen, explain the law, tell you your options, and guide you to a solution that fits the specific issues and concerns in your case.

Legal matters can be complicated — and costly. At our law firm, we work to simplify the situation, not make it more complicated than it needs to be. We recommend actions to get the best results we can at a cost that’s reasonable.

Get to know attorney Michael B. Taylor. Ask questions about the law. Talk about your legal matter in complete confidence. Call 651-738-4940 and set up an appointment with a St. Paul lawyer who cares about your case.

Case Results

Family Law Case Result

June 2011

Established custody and parenting time for father after mother moved child from school district without telling father.

Business Law Case Result

March 2011

Negotiated a $1500 settlement for a business owner accused of misappropriating $35,000 in business and personal property.

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“In a fast-moving industry with which many clients are unfamiliar, and where speed is of the essence in project completion Michael is highly skilled at helping clients understand product requirements and benchmarks for success. Working in a fast-paced production environment, Michael quickly gets to the heart of client issues and resolves problems quickly and effectively.”
— Peter B.

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Are new relationships a good idea during divorce?

April 10, 2014

The question of whether a parent should date during a divorce or custody proceeding is definitely a delicate one to answer. After all, it is fairly common for parents to find comfort in other people while escaping the emotional trauma of a broken relationship.  Dating may be therapeutic; allowing the person to regain their confidence or at least have a
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